Prices & Promotions

If you buy package of 5 hours of massage, sixth hour is for free.

$10 off discount for police,members of military service, veterans

$10 off discount on your birthday (proof of the age required)

Discounts for couples


Prices in the office:

The prices includes the use of a few hot stones/essential oils in trouble spots.

$70        1 hour of Swedish Massage

$95         1.5 hours of Swedish Massage

$80       1 hour of Integrative Massage

$105       1.5 hours of Integrative Massage

$80       1 hour of Aromatherapy

$110     1.5 hours of Aromatherapy

$85       1 hour Deep Tissue Massage

$115      1.5 hours of Deep Tissue Massage

$125      1.5 hours of Hot Stone Massage (Available only at the office)

$75        1 hour of Prenatal Massage

100        1.5 hours of Prenatal Massage

$85        1 hour of Raindrop Therapy

$100      1 hour of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

$60         1 hour of Reflexology

$50-60         45-60 min Ear Candling


Travel expenses to your home are an additional $15-$35, depending on the distance and weather conditions.

How to pay for your session with ease...

You are welcome to pay for your session with Cash, Credit, Debit or just simply pay here at the link below in the most secure way:

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